I am pleased to have had the wonderful opportunity to have been coached by Kirrilley Moelker and found her to be genuinely warm, friendly and caring. Kirrilley has the ability to make you feel embraced and nurtured in every coaching session. She has an insatiable enthusiasm for helping people, and possesses the skills that helped me peel back the layers in order to get the answers that I needed each time. I found Kirrilley to be incredibly insightful about life in general, which never ceased to amaze me. I really benefited from Kirrilley non judgemental approach when guiding me through my coaching with her, which made me feel comfortable in my own skin. Kirrilley is a wonderful coach and her clients, like me, are going to be absolutely blown away with her as their coach. I believe that Kirrilley coaching style is an experience that everyone should have, if they want long lasting life changing result.


Can definitely recommend Kirrilley. Her comforting words and knowledge sure helped me through my Grandpa’s passing.